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The target group for this course is employees responsible for chartering and operation. It is our ambition to give them an in-depth program presenting the latest developments in rules and regulations (i.e. The revised INCOTERMS) as well as updates on the contract arrangements in the industry. The course will address a variety of risks associated with the commercial decision-making process. This knowledge is valuable for experienced people and newcomers in a ship owning entity having in-house chartering & operation activities, for shipbrokers and charterers.  



The purpose of this 2-days course is to give the participants up-to-date knowledge about commercial rules & regulations, and contract-regimes for international commercial activities. We will also emphasise the complexity of chartering decision-making process and the different risks associated with the execution, i.e. financial, legal, and operational risks.


Day 1

§ “Value chain” perspective on chartering & operation
§ Production, Logistics and Sales
§ Charterer versus Ship owner
§ Contract arrangements in Shipping
§ Sales contracts
§ Revised Inco terms
§ Cargo insurance 

Day 2 

§ Charter parties and Bills of Lading 
§ Bareboat chartering
§ Time chartering
§ Voyage chartering
§ Bills of Lading (Gencon 94) 
§ Liability for cargo damage
§ Haag Visby
§ Rotterdam
§ Sjøloven 


Seminar fee NOK 6,000 per person for the full programme for members.
For non-members the seminar fee is NOK 8,500 for the full programme.
More than one person from one company gives a discount of 10%.
The seminar fee covers lectures, documentation, handouts, diploma, lunch and dinner (after day 1).


Registration terms
Any cancellations must be made in writing to post@bulkforum.com.  Cancellations received no later than one week before the course date will be subject to an administrative fee for NOK 3,000. Cancellations after this time will be liable for the full fee. However substitutions may be made at any time at no extra charge, but have to be notified in advance to post@shippingoffshorenetwork.no

Confirmation will be sent by e-mail. 


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