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Academy: Basic Shipping and Maritime Law, Bergen

Academy: Basic Shipping and Maritime Law, Bergen

This is a one-day course covering numerous topics within maritime law and chartering. The lecturer is Cathrine Bjune, lawyer MNA and senior lecturer at the Department of Law, BI Norwegian Business School. She has extensive experience with lecturing on this topic in Norway, UK, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam and is a popular lecturer in maritime law on the Maritime Trainee programme.
Key elements in this intensive course are:
  1. Ship types and trades
  2. Players in the industry
  3. Ship registration
  4. Basic maritime law
  5. Deployment of ships
  6. Basic chartering
  7. Time, voyage and bareboat charter parties
  8. Standard contracts commonly used
  9. How to use and interpret the contracts
  10. Case work
Lunch and diploma are included in the price.
To sign up for this course, select ATTEND EVENT below and use password Forum, or send an email to post@shippingoffshorenetwork no later than Monday 20 November.

Practical info

  • Date: 23.11.17, 09:00 - 17:00
  • Place: Bergen
  • Price: 4900,- (members) 5900,- (non-members)
  • Course leader: Cathrine Bjune
  • Project leader: Tom O. Kleppestø, General Manager

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