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Baltic Sea Region and EU project financing

Baltic Sea Region and EU project financing

THE BALTIC SEA REGION (BSR) is a model region for clean shipping and a leading region in maritime safety and security. How can Norwegian actors get involved?
 Through this seminar we want to
  • present the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) as an interesting region for development of new green solutions
  • present and exchange best practise examples within shipping and maritime safety
  • inform about and discuss how Norwegian actors can benefit from and contribute to policy work as well as in concrete projects within the framework of the EUSBSR
  • facilitate contact between Norwegian maritime actors and representatives from the EUSBSR
  • present updated information from the European Commission and the policy area representatives from the EUSBSR
  • inform about financial options for project participation
KEY WORDS: Economic incentives and project support, cooperation possibilities, and access to knowledge and networks.
TARGET GROUP: Actors in Norway who work with or are interested in maritime policy with a special focus on clean shipping and maritime safety; association of maritime companies, shipowners, research and educational institutions, maritime authorities, marine insurance, etc.
The seminar is open for all and free of charge, but you need to register no later than 2 February, 2018 by the ATTEND EVENT button below, or by email to post@shippingoffshorenetwork.no

Practical info

  • Date: 06.02.18, 09:30 - 15:00
  • Place: Norges Rederiforbund
  • Price: No admission
  • Course leader: Tom O. Kleppestø, General Manager
  • Project leader: Ann Irene Saeternaes, national contact point for Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme
  • External link: balticsea-region.eu

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