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Learn Basic Shipping in One Day

02. October 2014
The Shipping Academy, by Shipping & Offshore Network, once again offers our popular and extremely efficient 1-day course in Basic Shipping, this time on Monday 24 October 2016 at Norges Rederiforbund in Oslo. The following day, on Tuesday 25 October 2016, we also offer a one-day course in Legal Aspects of Shipping.
 Basic Shipping - Shipping, Market & Laytime
The target group for this course is all employees in the shipping industry that are eager to understand the core of a shipping operation. It is our ambition to develop an understanding of the importance of a well-organized chartering and operation for the creation of values to the shipping community. This knowledge is valuable for employees whether they work within IT, ship management, finance & accounting, or other functions within the maritime industry, such as classification, banking, P&I/insurance, etcetera.
The purpose of this 1 day course is to give the participants knowledge and understanding of how to operate vessels in a global commercial environment. We also present to them the complexity of chartering and operation and the different risks associated with the execution, i.e. legal, and operational risks.  We will also introduce the details of how to calculate demurrage and despatch.
The lecturer will be the highly qualified speaker Oluf Sandvik from ShipNet AS, well known for his in-depth knowledge and communication skills. 

The price is NOK 4,500 for members and NOK 5,900 for non-members. Lunch and diploma are included in the price.




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