FIVE TYPES OF RISK IN SHIPPING - Module 3 of 3 (London)

We invite you to join our series of three seminars on - FIVE TYPES OF RISKS. This course is for anyone with an interest in decision making in the shipping & ocean industry. The first two modules will be held in Oslo and the last one in London. This course is designed as a series of interactive, applied case-based workshops. Participants will have numerous opportunities to contribute and to collaborate with each other. So please register and join us for the course!
FIVE TYPES OF RISK IN SHIPPING - Module 3 of 3 (London)

AGENDA - Wednesday 10 May, 2023 in London - Module 3

Lunch: 11.30–12.00 
Sessions: 12.00–18.00
Mingling: 18.00–19.30
All food and drinks are included

We welcome you to a series of three seminars presented by leading shipping economist Mark Williams, Shipping Strategy Ltd., London. Two of the seminars will take place in Oslo. The final seminar will take place in London, on the day of the Baltic Exchange Chairman’s annual reception where delegates will have an opportunity to network with many of the biggest personalities in shipping worldwide.

Each seminar will include Mark William’s survey on the subject at hand, smaller group breakouts, full group discussions, and opportunities for networking. Delegates will gain insight and knowledge from each of the seminars individually, though there is a common theme running through them of risk management as a prism through which to view management decision-making in shipping. Each seminar is made up of 45-minute segments with short breaks so delegates can keep up with emails etc. Delegates will receive electronic copies of all teaching materials as well as diplomas.




Mark Williams is the founder of Shipping
Strategy Ltd., former Head of Research at 
Affinity (Shipping) LLP, Braemar Shipping 
Services Plc, and HSBC Shipping Services 
Ltd. For more, see the attached document.

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Please be advised, 

Members: NOK 5,900 per module
Others: NOK 6,900 per module

All modules: NOK 15,000/18,000

* Tuition fee does not include travel costs to London, but all food & drinks are included.
* We retain the right to cancel if too few register.

  • Register now for: FIVE TYPES OF RISK IN SHIPPING - Module 3 of 3 (London)

  • Location: London, Baltic exchange
  • Date: May 10. 2023. 12:00 - 18:30
  • Price member: 6,000 NOK per module (all modules NOK 15,000)
  • Price: 8,500 NOK per module (all modules NOK 20,000)
  • Project leader: Tom O. Kleppestø
  • Course leader: Mark Williams
  • Email:
  • Phone: 004722335700
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