The purpose of this 1 day course is to give the participants knowledge and understanding of ship finance. How do shipping companies manage their capital and finance their ships? The high risks and values involved when operating ships are reflected by complex financing schemes and loan agreements with extensive covenants. We introduce the shipping segments, the banks and key elements as Character, Capacity and Capital. We also perform asset valuations and cash flow analysis under Voyage & Time Charter Parties.


The target group for this course is all employees in the shipping industry, those working in related industries, as well as those taking an interest in shipping and who are eager to understand the financing aspect of it.

Our ambition is to develop an understanding of ship finance & core commercial demands as well as lenders requiring Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) for loans. This knowledge is valuable for a variety of employees. Whether you work within ship management, chartering, finance & accounting, or other functions within the maritime industry cluster, such as classification, banking, P&I and H&M insurance, and more.


  • Ship segments 
  • Shipping banks 
  • Guarantee institutions         
  • Micro & macro perspectives
  • Cash flow analysis
  • 3Cs: Character, Capacity and Capital
  • Risks & liabilities
  • Practical case work


Mr Tor Erik Jensen is a legal professional and Assistant Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) and visiting lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School as well as abroad.

Ms Kristin Omholt-Jensen is CEO and Founder of Maritime Optima AS, a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background from the shipping industry. Formerly also Director of BI Shipping at BI Norwegian Business School.

There will also be one or two ship finance experts from the industry to offer some real life insight to the students.



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  • Location: Norges Rederiforbund
  • Date: Jun 19. 2023. 09:00 - 16:00
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  • Project leader: Tom O. Kleppestø
  • Course leader: Tor Erik Jensen
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