The Blue Growth Leaders Academy is looking for a new cohort of leaders

Coming back to Klaipėda University (Lithuania) this fall, the Blue Growth Leaders Academy invites specialists from various fields to learn the principles of the blue economy. This year, the program is more international than ever, and high-profile scientists and entrepreneurs are ready to share their knowledge in face-to-face and virtual classrooms with learners not just from Lithuania, but from all across Europe. Like last year, professor Torger Reve will be among the opening speakers for the first module. Admission is open to applicants from all across Europe and Norwegians are particularly welcome!

The Blue Growth Leaders Academy is looking for a new cohort of leaders

The Blue Growth Leaders Academy program is designed for business leaders and any professionals interested or already working in the Blue Economy or adjacent sectors.

This international program offers an opportunity to meet top experts from all across Europe (Denmark, Sweden, UK, Norway) and become a part of a networking platform dedicated to the Blue Economy.

The application process has already started. The number of spots on the program is limited, so the process will stop once they are filled. The admission for the program will be finalized on 22 October or sooner after all seats are occupied. After the admission process is finished, the organisers will contact the selected applicants. The first classes start on 27-29 October where participants will get the first insights to the Blue Economy, get acquainted with the group mates and start forming the strategies for their projects.

Spanning 8 modules, the program is set to finish in June 2022. The final event of the Blue Growth Leaders Academy will be a Summer School at Klaipėda University.

The program modules will be carried out in a blended mode, focussing on the face-to-face mode as much as it is possible.

The working language of the program is English.

The course participant fee is €1,200.

Find more information on the program’s structure, lecturers, and the application process here:

Our latest research show that companies tend to program their strategy and budgets based on a company’s historical performance and market trends. While it is not a bad idea to build on historical analysis, it is becoming more and more critical to identify new and significant potential opportunities, not just marginal 5-10% squeeze on efficiency. Our conversations with business leaders indicate growing pressure to discover new market opportunities and compete successfully. As a result, these executives have to engage in active boundary spanning and bridging organization’s internal networks with external sources of information.

Blue Growth Academy (BGA) aims to provide the insights and tools to bridge that difficult gap between the traditional development of strategy based on continuous improvement and innovative approach based on emerging blue economies.

Our mission is to help you to identify hidden traps, useful contacts, valuable literature, emerging technologies and professional networks of reputable international experts. We are confident that you will solidify your ability to generate valuable strategic insights as well as strengthen your executive capability to monetize.

To make the program as practical as possible, the participants will receive guidance and feedback from the seasoned investors. Consequently, participants will be able to pitch their ideas and attract seed money for real life scenarios.

Come with a strategy challenge… and leave with an action plan that delivers results.

  • Discover market opportunities.
  • Gain new insights about the hidden barriers to strategic execution and how to overcome them as you navigate blue economies
  • Acquire a deep understanding of how to get results from future strategic initiatives
  • Join a network of professionals with a similar mindset.

The content of the programme will consist of thematic areas related to the following Blue Economy industries:

  • Port and Shipping
  • Blue Biotechnology
  • Sea and Coastal Tourism
  • Innovation Management & Business Strategy

In the European context, Blue Growth is rapidly becoming a crucial part of many socio-economic mechanisms. This strategy is changing the way that society, businesses, and policy makers are approaching the well-being of today’s and tomorrow’s generations. The sustainable use of ocean, marine, and coastal resources determines the creation of high value-added jobs, the quality of life, and rational use of material resources.